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Brand: Link Model: CANGAUGE
The Link CAN Gauge is a compact OLED gauge for displaying real-time data from your Link ECU’s CAN stream. Supported parameters such as boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, ethanol content, etc. can be displayed.   The high contrast OLED display is bright for..
Ex Tax:335.00€
Brand: Link Model: CAN LAMBDA
The CAN-Lambda’s ability to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases makes it an essential tool for accurately tuning fuel mixtures as well allowing your ECU to make tuning adjustments  on the fly.  Being fully digital the CAN-Lambda’s powerful LSU 4.9 sensor will eliminate an..
Ex Tax:360.00€
Brand: Link Model: CAN4
Required to add CAN communications & power to recently released G4X Plugin ECU’s which have the new 4 Pin powered CAN connector (not the older 5pin CAN connector).  Plugs directly into the socket on the ECU PCB, provides CAN and a protected 12V supply to allow easy connection of CAN accesso..
Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: Link Model: CAN5
Used to add CAN communications to G4+/G4X Plugin ECU’s which have a 5 Pin CAN connector.  Plugs directly into the CAN socket on the ECU PCB. 12V and Ground via flying lead. Terminates to a DTM4 Male Connector which is compatible with other Link CAN accessories including the CAN Extension cable ..
Ex Tax:39.52€
Link DI Driver-4 Link DI Driver-4
New Pre-Order in 1 - 5 days
Brand: Link Model: DI-4
Discover the next evolution in engine tuning with our advanced Direct Injection (DI) control module. The DI Driver-4 is a highly configurable, cost effective and integrated solution, designed to give you full control of most modern solenoid type direct injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps...
Ex Tax:725.00€
Link E-Throttle upgrade on G4X Plugin ECU
New No longer available
Brand: Link Model: Link DBW
Requires modification to be done by Global HQ at time of order (allow approx 2 weeks in addition to standard lead time). E-Throttle upgrade can be done on the below G4X Plugins: BMW E36X - 201-4000 Honda HC92X - 205-4000 Honda HC96X - 206-4000 Mazda MX5X - 212-4000 Mazda RX7S6X - 218-4000 Mazda RX..
Ex Tax:184.68€
Brand: Link Model: LINKLSloom
Terminated Engine Harness to cover a wide range of GM LS Engine Variations. Please note that due to the large number of Engines supported it may require user modification for some applications, see Installation Manual or Contact Links Tech Support team to confirm suitability for your Engine.  ..
Ex Tax:925.00€
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